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Industrial Hygiene Lab Services

As the nation’s leading industrial hygiene laboratory, EMSL Analytical, Inc.’s network of laboratories has been providing quality analytical services since 1981. We offer a wide array of analytical testing services to support environmental investigations focused on asbestos, microbiology, lead paint, environmental chemistry, indoor air quality, and industrial hygiene applications. Additionally, we also provide materials testing, characterization, and forensic laboratory services for a wide range of commercial, industrial, regulatory, and law enforcement clients.
Our unmatched capacity coupled with a company-wide focus on customer satisfaction makes no project too large or too small. Our corporate research and development capabilities allow us to bring new methodologies on line quickly to meet new industry challenges and client needs. In recruiting and retaining talented and motivated scientists on a national scope, our expertise is marshaled throughout a nationwide network of analytical laboratories. We are committed to providing reliable, defensible data in a standardized and user-friendly format. Rapid turnaround and competitive prices make the dependable results you get that much more valuable.
At EMSL, we’re much more than another testing laboratory. We are your project partner. Give us a call today to find out how we can help to make your next project a success.
EMSL provides FREE PUMP RENTALS for your Industrial Hygiene Sampling Projects!  Call us toll free at 1-800-220-3675 (East Coast) and 1-866-798-1089 (West Coast).


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Full list of services provided for Industrial Hygiene (IH) Lab Services ( click for details )
Industrial Hygiene - Formaldehyde   Formaldehyde (bulk-High Temp Treatment) by HPLC
   Formaldehyde (diffusive sampler or badge) (sampler cost extra) by NIOSH 20016M
   Formaldehyde (dry-bulk) by HPLC
   Formaldehyde (wet-bulk) by HPLC
   Formaldehyde by HPLC/UV
   Formaldehyde by NIOSH 2016/NIOSH 3500
   Formaldehyde in Passive Samplers (Badges) by NIOSH 2016M
Industrial Hygiene - Hexavalent Chromium   Chromium, Hexavalent by NIOSH 7600
   Chromium, Hexavalent by OSHA ID215 V2
Industrial Hygiene - Methamphetamine   Methamphetamine (wipe and bulk) by GC/MS
Industrial Hygiene - Silica Testing   Amorphous Silica Air Samples by NIOSH 7501
   Amorphous Silica Bulk Samples by NIOSH 7501
   Crystalline Silica (Alpha Quartz, Cristobalite, Tridymite) Air Samples by NIOSH 7500/OSHA ID-142
   Crystalline Silica (Alpha Quartz, Cristobalite, Tridymite) Bulk Samples by NIOSH 7500M/OSHA ID-142M
   Crystalline silica, all species Air Type
   Crystalline silica, all species Bulk Type
   Silica in Airborne Samples by NIOSH 7602
Industrial Hygiene - VOCs and Odor Testing (EPA TO-15)   Microbial Volatile Organic Compound Screen TO-15 + LS
   Volatile Organic Compounds - VOC's (Offgassing in Products or Materials)
   Volatile Organic Scan by GC/MS (Soil Gas/Sub-slab/Vent)
   Volatile Organic Scan by GC/MS with Lib Search (req. for IAQ)
Other   1,1,1-Trichloroethane by NIOSH 1003
  1,1,2-Trichloro-1,1,1-trifluoroethane by NIOSH 1020
  1,1,2-Trichloroethane by NIOSH 1003
  1,2,3-Trichloropropane by NIOSH 1003
  1,2,3-Trimethylbenzene by NIOSH 1501
  1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene by NIOSH 1501
  1,2-Dichlorobenzene by NIOSH 1003M
  1,2-Dichloroethane by NIOSH 1003
  1,2-Dichloroethylene (cis) by NIOSH 1003
  1,2-Dichloroethylene (trans) by NIOSH 1003
  1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene by NIOSH 1501
  1,3-Butadiene by NIOSH 1024
  1,3-Dichlorobenzene by NIOSH 1003M
  1,4-Dichlorobenzene by NIOSH 1003M
  1-Bromopropane (propyl bromide) by OSHA PV2061
  2,4-TDI (2,4-toluenediisocyanate) by OSHA 42/47M
  2,6-TDI (2,6-toluenediisocyanate) by OSHA 42/47M
  2-Butoxyethanol by NIOSH 1403
  2-Methoxyethanol by NIOSH 1403
  4-Phenylcyclohexene by CSI Method
  Acetaldehyde by NIOSH 2016M
  Acetic Acid by NIOSH 1603
  Acetoin by OSHA 1013
  Acetone (Dimethyl Ketone) by NIOSH 1300
  Acetonitrile by NIOSH 1606
  Acid Profile NIOSH 7903
  Acids Profile (Inorganic) by NIOSH 7903
  Acrolein by NIOSH 2016M
  Acrylonitrile by NIOSH 1604
  Airborne Cement Dust as PNOR NIOSH 0500 / 0600 / 7500 RCS.
  Airborne Dust PM10 (40 CFR Part 50.6 Appendix J) Air Type
  Airborne Dust TSP (40 CFR Part 50.6 Appendix B) Air Type
  Airborne Oil Mist (FTIR) by NIOSH 5524
  Alkaline Dust by NIOSH 7401
  alpha-Chloroacetophenone (Tear Gas) by CSI method
  Ammonia by NIOSH 6016
  Ammonia by OSHA ID188M
  Asphalt Fumes by NIOSH 5042M (Particulate / Benzene Sol. Fraction)
  Asphalt Fumes by OSHA58 (Benzene Sol. Fraction)
  Benzaldehyde by NIOSH 2016M
  Benzene by NIOSH 1501
  Benzyl Chloride (alpha-chlorotoluene) by NIOSH 1003
  Bisphenol A
  Boric Acid (as Boron) by EPA 6010D / NIOSH 7300M
  Bromine by NIOSH 6011(Media Blank Required)
  Butyl Glycidyl Ether by NIOSH 1616
  Butyraldehyde by NIOSH 2016M
  Capsaicin (Pepper Spray) by NIOSH 5041
  Carbon Dioxide (Fixed Gas) via Draeger X-Act 7000
  Carbon Monoxide (Fixed Gas) via Draeger X-Act 7000
  Carbon Tetrachloride by NIOSH 1003
  Chlordane by NIOSH 5510
  Chlorine by NIOSH 6011 (media blank required)
  Chlorobenzene by NIOSH 1003M
  Chloroform (trichloromethane) by NIOSH 1003M
  Chlorpyrifos (Dursban) by NIOSH 5600M
  cis-1,2-dichloroethylene by NIOSH 1003M
  Coal Tar Pitch Volatives by OSHA 58M
  Cresols (m, o, p-isomers) by NIOSH 2546M
  Cumene (isopropylbenzene) by NIOSH 1501
  Cyanide (total and HCN) by NIOSH 6010
  Cyclohexane by NIOSH 1500
  Cyclohexanone by NIOSH 1300
  Cyclopentane by NIOSH 1500
  Determination of THC in Wipes from Marijuana
  Diacetone Alcohol by NIOSH 1402
  Diazinon by NIOSH 5600M
  Dichlorvos by NIOSH 5600M
  Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM or elemental carbon) by NIOSH 5040
  Diethyl Ether (Ethyl Ether) by OSHA 07
  Diethyl Ketone by NIOSH 1301
  Diethylamine by OSHA 41
  Diisobutyl Ketone by NIOSH 1300
  Dipropyl Ketone (4-heptanone) by NIOSH 1300
  Dursban (chlorpyrifos) by NIOSH 5600M
  Dust Characterization
  Elemental Carbon (Diesel Particulate Matter or DPM) by NIOSH 1402
  Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) by NIOSH 1400
  Ethanolamine by OSHA PV2111
  Ethyl Acetate by NIOSH 1457
  Ethyl Benzene by NIOSH 1501M
  Ethyl Butyl Ketone by NIOSH 1301
  Ethylene Glycol by NIOSH 5523
  Fixed Gas - Hydrocarbon Analysis (C1-C6 Parafins) by ASTM D1946
  Glutaraldehyde by NIOSH 2016M
  Glycerol as PNOR by NIOSH 0500 or MWF NIOSH 5524
  HDI (Hexamethylene diisocyanate by OSHA 42/47M
  Heptane by NIOSH 1500
  Hydrobromic Acid by NIOSH 7903
  Hydrochloric Acid by NIOSH 7903
  Hydrofluoric Acid by NIOSH 7903
  Hydrogen Sulfide by ASTM D5504
  Hydrogen Sulfide by OSHA 1008/NIOSH 6013
  Isoamyl Acetate by NIOSH 1450
  Isoamyl Alcohol by NIOSH 1402
  Isobutyl Alcohol (2-Methyl-1-propanol) by NIOSH 1401
  Isocyanates (2, 4-TDI, 2, 6-TDI, MDI, HDI) by OSHA 42/47M
  Isopropyl Alcohol (Isopropanol) by NIOSH 1400
  Limonene by NIOSH 1552
  m, p-Xylene by NIOSH 1501
  Malathion by NIOSH 5600M
  MDI (Methylene Bisphenyl Diisocyanate) by OSHA 42/47M
  Mercaptan by ASTM D5504
  Mercury (Hg) by OSHA 140/NIOSH 6009
  Metals, RCRA 8 by NIOSH 7300
  Metals, Solder Fumes by NIOSH 7300M
  Metals, TAL List by NIOSH 7300M
  Metals, welding by NIOSH 7300M
  Methane by TO-3
  Methanol by NIOSH 2000M
  Methyl Cyclohexane by NIOSH 1500
  Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK or 2-butanone) by NIOSH 2500
  Methyl Isoamyl Acetate (Hexyl Acetate) by NIOSH 1450
  Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK or 4-Methyl-2-pentanone) by NIOSH 1300
  Methyl Methacrylate by NIOSH 2537
  Methyl Parathion by NIOSH 5600M
  Methyl Propyl Ketone (2-Pentanone) by NIOSH 1300
  Methyl Tert Butyl Ether (MTBE) by NIOSH 1615
  Methylene Chloride (2 tubes in tandem) by NIOSH 1005
  Methylene Chloride (Dichloromethane) by NIOSH 1005
  Microbial Volatile Organic Compound Screen GC-FID (High Boiling Point)
  m-Xylene by NIOSH 1501
  Naphthalene by NIOSH 1501 / NIOSH 5506
  n-Butyl acetate by NIOSH 1450
  n-Butyl alcohol (n-Butanol) by NIOSH 1401
  New Rug Odor (4-Phenylcyclohexene or 4-PC or 4-PCH) by CSI Method
  n-Hexane by NIOSH 1500
  Nicotine (Bulk or Wipe) by NIOSH 2551M
  Nicotine by NIOSH 2551M
  NIOSH 0500 (Nuisance Dust, Total) Air Type
  NIOSH 0600 (Nuisance Dust, Respirable) Air Type
  Nitric Acid by NIOSH 7903
  Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) by OSHA ID-182
  Nitrogen Dioxide/Nitrogen Oxide (NOX) by NIOSH 6014/OSHA ID 182
  n-Octane by NIOSH 1500
  n-Propyl Acetate by NIOSH 1450
  n-Propyl Alcohol (n-Propanol) by NIOSH 1401
  Oxygen by CMS Method
  o-Xylene by NIOSH 1501
  Ozone by OSHA 214
  Package 12 (Solder Operations Profile NIOSH 7300)
  Package 2 (Aldehyde Profile NIOSH 2016M)
  Package 3 (Aromatic Hydrocarbon Profile NIOSH 1501 Modified List)
  Package 4 (BTEX Profile NIOSH 1501)
  Package 5 (Diisocyanate Profile NIOSH 1501 & OSHA 42/47M)
  Package 6 (LEED Certification Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certificate Sampling)
  Package 7 (Organic Solvent Profile Multiple NIOSH methods)
  Package 8 (PAHs Coal Tar Pitch Volatiles OSHA 58)
  Paraffin Wax Fume by OSHA PV2047
  Parathion by NIOSH 5600M
  Pentachlorophenol by NIOSH 2546M
  Pentane by NIOSH 1500
  Perchloroethylene (Tetrachloroethylene) by NIOSH 1003M
  Permethrins (cis and trans) by NIOSH 5008M
  Pesticides - Chlorinated Profile by NIOSH 5510
  Pesticides Organophosphorus by NIOSH 5600/5601 modified list
  Pesticides, Organochlorine by NIOSH 5510M
  Pesticides, Organophosphorus/Organonitrogen by NIOSH 5600/NIOSH 5601M
  Petroleum Ether by NIOSH 1550
  Petroleum Naphtha by NIOSH 1550
  Phenol by NIOSH 2546M
  Phosphoric Acid by NIOSH 7903
  Phtalate Esters by OSHA 104
  Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) by NIOSH 5503
  Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) by NIOSH 5506
  Potassium Hydroxide (Alkaline Dust) (3 sample minimum) by NIOSH 7401
  Propionaldehyde by NIOSH 2016M
  Propylene Glycol by NIOSH 5523
  Propylene Glycol, Monomethyl Ether (PGME) by OSHA 83M / OSHA 99M
  Propylene Glycol, Monomethyl Ether Acetate (PGMEA) by OSHA 83M / OSHA 99M
  p-Xylene by NIOSH 1501
  sec-Butyl Acetate by NIOSH 1450
  sec-Butyl Alcohol (sec-Butanol) by NIOSH 1401
  Sodium Hydroxide (Alkaline Dust) (3 sample minimum) by NIOSH 7401
  Stoddard Solvent by NIOSH 1550
  Styrene by NIOSH 1501
  Sulfur Dioxide by OSHA 1011 / NIOSH 6004
  Sulfuric Acid by NIOSH 7903
  tert-Butyl Acetate by NIOSH 1450M
  tert-Butyl Alcohol (tert-Butanol) by NIOSH 1400
  Tetrachloroethylene (Perchloroethylene) by NIOSH 1003M
  Tobacco Smoke (Nicotine) by NIOSH 2551M
  Toluene by NIOSH 1501
  Total Peroxide by OSHA 1019
  Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (as Diesel/Fuel Oil#2) by NIOSH 1550M
  Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (as Gasoline) by NIOSH 1550
  Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (as Naphtha) by NIOSH 1550
  trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene by NIOSH 1003M
  Trichloroethylene by NIOSH 1003M
  Turpentine by NIOSH 1550/NIOSH 1551
  Use Dilution Method
  Vanadium Oxides by NIOSH 7504
  Vinyl Acetate by NIOSH 1453
  Vinyl Chloride by EMSL In-House Method SOP VOCs by GC
  Vinyl Chloride by NIOSH 1007
  VM+P Naphtha by NIOSH 1550
  Volatile Organic Aromatics Method 1501 full list
  Volatile organic compounds (20+ compound list) by multiple NIOSH methods
  Volatile Organic Compounds (Total as n-Hexane)
  Volatile Organic Compounds by EPA TO-15 (74-compound list)
  Volatile Organic Scan by GC/FID - EMSL In-House Method
  Volatile Organic Scan by GC/FID - 20 Compounds - Multiple NIOSH Methods
  Volatile Organic Scan by GC/MS (62 compound list)
  Zinc Oxides by EPA 6010D / NIOSH 7300M
Laboratories providing Industrial Hygiene (IH) Lab Services ( click for details )
Atlanta, GA (LAB 07) - NVLAP Lab Code 101048-1Baton Rouge, LA (LAB 25) - NVLAP Lab Code 200375-0Beltsville, MD (LAB 19) - NVLAP Lab Code 200293-0Boston, MA (LAB 13) - NVLAP Lab Code 101147-0Buffalo, NY (LAB 14) - NVLAP Lab Code 200056-0Carle Place, NY (LAB 06) - NVLAP Lab Code 101048-10Charlotte, NC (LAB 41) - NVLAP Lab Code 200841-0Chicago, IL (LAB 26) - NVLAP Lab Code 200399-0Cinnaminson, NJ (LAB List in Description) - NVLAP Lab Code 101048-0Dallas, TX (LAB 11) - NVLAP Lab Code 600111-0Denver, CO (LAB 22) - NVLAP Lab Code 200828-0EMSL Canada - Calgary, AB (LAB 65) - NVLAP Lab Code 500100-0EMSL Canada - Edmonton, AB (LAB 50) - NVLAP Lab Code 600321-0EMSL Canada - Markham, ON (LAB 66) - NVLAP Lab Code 600317-0EMSL Canada - Montreal, QC (LAB 68) - NVLAP Lab Code 201052-0EMSL Canada - Ottawa, ON (LAB 67) - NVLAP Lab Code 201040-0EMSL Canada - Toronto, ON (LAB 55) - NVLAP Lab Code 200877-0EMSL Canada - Vancouver, BC (LAB 69) - NVLAP Lab Code 201068-0Fort Lauderdale, FL (LAB 56) - NVLAP Lab Code 500085-0Houston, TX (LAB 15) - NVLAP Lab Code 102106-0Huntington Beach, CA (LAB 33) - NVLAP Lab Code 101384-0Indianapolis, IN (LAB 16) - NVLAP Lab Code 200188-0Kernersville, NC (LAB 02) - NVLAP Lab Code 102104-0Las Vegas, NV (LAB 31) - NVLAP Lab Code 600140-0Long Island City, NY (LAB 03) - NVLAP Lab Code 101048-9Meriden, CT (LAB 24) - NVLAP Lab Code 200700-0Miami, FL (LAB 17) - NVLAP Lab Code 200204-0Minneapolis, MN (LAB 35) - NVLAP Lab Code 200019-0Ontario, California (San Bernadino County / Inland Empire) (LAB 71) - NVLAP Lab Code 600239-0Orlando, FL (LAB 34) - NVLAP Lab Code 101151-0Phoenix, AZ (LAB 12) - NVLAP Lab Code 200811-0Piscataway, NJ (LAB 05) - NVLAP Lab Code 101048-2Plymouth Meeting, PA (LAB 18) - NVLAP Lab Code 200699-0Raleigh, NC (LAB 29) - NVLAP Lab Code 200671-0Rochester, NY (LAB 53) - NVLAP Lab Code 600183-0San Diego, CA (LAB 43) - NVLAP Lab Code 200855-0San Leandro, CA (LAB 09) - NVLAP Lab Code 101048-3Santa Clara, CA (LAB 47) - NVLAP Lab Code 600318-0Seattle, WA (LAB 51) - NVLAP Lab Code 200613-0South Pasadena, CA (LAB 32) - NVLAP Lab Code 200232-0South Portland, ME (LAB 62) - NVLAP Lab Code 500094-0St. Louis, MO (LAB 39) - NVLAP Lab Code 200742-0Syracuse, NY (LAB 73) - NVLAP Lab Code 600283-0Tampa, FL (LAB 93) - NVLAP Lab Code 600215-0
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